Pizza maker for one day
A training workshop held in several languages (Neapolitan too)
For the ones who wants to find in a tasting experience, both pleasure and culture.

Napoli per me non è la città di Napoli ma solo una componente dell’animo umano che so di poter trovare in tutte le persone, siano esse napoletane o no. (De Crescenzo)

Napoli è una città sorprendente che ama raccontarsi e raccontare. Napoli è cultura, storia e tradizione. Napoli è pizza. La vera anima della città è questo street food, noto e replicato da tutti che da solo è in grado trasferire il sentimento di una terra e della sua gente.

I have a concept of Naples that is not so much of a city, per se, but rather an ingredient of the human spirit that I detect in everyone, Neapolitan or not.

Naples is an amazing city that loves to tell stories, also about itself. Naples is culture, history and tradition. Naples is pizza. The true spirit of the city is that particular street food, it is well known and replicated by everyone and it is able, on its own, to transmit the feelings of a land and its people.

Pizza experience with an agenda full of events aims to give to the participants the experience of being a Neapolitan pizza maker for one day. It ‘a journey through thousands of years of pizza culture, it is a game to discover, a unique path to learn the secrets of pizza. The courses open to the public will be held in Italian, English and Neapolitan, a language recognized as heritage of UNESCO.

The workshop “ Fatte ‘na Pizza ” (make your own pizza), provides for the preparation of the pizza supported by an experienced pizza maker in Naples, who will lead the participants, for four hours, on an interactive journey. You will abandon your civilian clothes, and you will become a pizza maker with a personalized apron designed for the occasion, it will be explained how to recognize and choose the “right” products, you will prepare the dough by hand to understand the proper consistency, you will form the disc of dough on the pizza maker bench and, after topping it with tomato, buffalo mozzarella , basil and extra virgin olive oil, the participants will be ready to bake it according to tradition in the old wood-fired oven of the pizzeria. Finally everyone will eat the results of their work, the pizza a portafoglio (folded in four). The last hour will be dedicated to conviviality in the Neapolitans way. Everyone will seat at the table to talk about pizza and food, naturally in front of a tasting menu of traditional Neapolitan pizzas prepared by our Pizza makers, together with a selection of beers or wines from Campania.

Both pizzerias will remain closed for the ordinary customers in order to offer an exclusive experience. Everyone will receive a certificate of attendance, a personalized apron, and not least the energy and the Neapolitan life philosophy.

What makes Pizza Experience unique:

A training workshop translated in several languages (in Neapolitan too)
• A journey through the ancient culture of the Neapolitan pizza
The picturesque locations inside the cultural center of Naples open exclusively for the participants
An interactive tour to learn the secrets of the pizza in order to replicate them at home
The excitement of preparing a Neapolitan pizza and baking it in the wood-fired oven
A tasting of the great classics of the Neapolitan pizza and of the best seasonal pizzas

Workshop ” Fatte’ ‘na Pizza ”
Welcoming Neapolitan style Coffee
Presentation of the Neapolitan pizza – Historical overview from the beginning until today
Selection of the raw materials and description of the basic equipments
Demonstration and preparation of the dough made by hand
Insights on the leavening and maturation process
Preparation of the wood-fired oven and baking of your own pizza in order to eat it “folded in four”
Tasting at the table of two Neapolitan pizzas paired with beer, wine or soft drink
Release of the attendance certifications and gadget gifts with souvenir photo

Followed by a warm greeting to all the participants and final toast

Partecipants Min 2 – Max 12 partecipants
Duration 3/4 hours (tasting included)
Timetable From 10.30 to 14.30 and 16.30 to 20.30
Date Schedule 2018 on
Costo € 100,00 per person (a launch price just for the Sundays in November)
Costo € 65.00 children from 6 to 16 years
€ 0.00 children from 0 to 6 years

Vat included

Info and contacts for booking: – tel. +39 3334392629